About The Artist Zhao Kailin

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About The Artist Zhao Kailin

Posted: June 17, 2009 
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Zhao Kailin is considered one of China’s most influential and important artists.  His portraits combine luminous color with the shimmering light of the Venetian school, incorporating the fervent vigor of Michelangelo and Rubens.  Delicate and sensitive portraits capture a moment in time, a reflection of the soul, a very human portrayal of some of the basics of our inner world…silence, exuberance, innocence, joy and reflection.
Zhao Kailin paints from the heart.  The elegant portraits of Zhao Kailin are a beguiling bridge between not only past and present, but also East and West.  Emotionally charged Zhao’s painting of an orphan girl speaks volumes of beauty, hope, longing and promise. Zhao’s quiet painting is infused with a timeless soulfulness.
Mr. Zhao has worked diligently to create an art movement that is unsurpassed in China’s long history. His numerous exhibitions, both at home and abroad, have influenced artists and collectors around the world.

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Qi Pan by Zhao Kailin The Artist Zhao Kailin About The Artist Zhao Kailin