Qi Pan by Zhao Kailin

Qi Pan by Zhao Kailin

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Every child counts…
Every child on this earth is important and deserves to know love.

“Qi Pan…”

She waits for a mother, a father, someone to love her, a family to belong to.  She is innocent and beautiful, a child.  Her name is Qi Pan, meaning “hope” and “expectation”…”eager anticipation.” This extraordinary portrait of Qi Pan was painted by Zhao Kailin, one of the most sought-after contemporary artists of our time.

In a stroke of incredible fortune, contemporary master Zhao Kailin agreed to paint a portrait of an orphan girl from his hometown of Bengbu for Artists For Orphans Project.  Zhao Kailin’s work is represented in top galleries here in the United States, Europe and China, including Mandarin Fine Arts Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.   His works have been bought by the world’s top art collectors.  Zhao Kailin’s most recent painting sold to a London art gallery this year for $90,000.

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